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How about the endurance of lithium battery submarine?What are its advantages?


How about the endurance of Lithium Battery submarine?What are the advantages of lithium battery submarines?Lithium battery is the main power supply of conventional submarine as well as the standby power supply and emergency power supply of nuclear submarine, so the performance of lithium battery directly determines the performance and combat capability of the submarine.If the lithium battery is not good enough to provide enough power, the submarine will not be able to run fast enough, the maneuverability will be greatly limited, the surface charging time will be longer, and the risk of being exposed will be greatly increasedTherefore, the development and application of lithium batteries for submarines have always been highly valued by the submarine manufacturers in the world.


How about the endurance of lithium battery submarine?
Although lithium battery can greatly enhance the submarine's underwater life, and as a result of the lithium battery charging faster, no memory effect, so can effectively improve the flexibility of submarine combat, and greatly enhance the submarine operational capability, but also have a series of shortcomings lithium-ion batteries, like at work will send out a larger quantity of heat, this on behalf of the members of the submarine living environment deteriorate further, and also very easy to cause the spontaneous combustion accident of lithium-ion batteries.
On the surface in a submarine lithium battery seems to be very simple, as long as change lead-acid battery to lithium batteries, due to greater energy density so replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries will not be much valuable space of submarine inside the battery compartment, it's not hard to do, but the fact is not so easy, if according to the usual practice of other countries, the older levels "pasted" or "tide" to modified lithium battery power as the first step to try.
According to the official statement, the submarine will no longer be equipped with Stirling engine AIP power system, but will replace the Stirling engine and lead-acid battery with lithium battery, and will use the space in the hull where the Stirling engine and lead-acid battery were originally installed to install lithium battery and other related equipment.
It is no longer an AIP submarine, but the lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density and the motors are faster.
In the future, China's conventional submarines will have a very high probability of using lithium batteries. The performance improvement brought by lithium batteries to conventional submarines will be very significant. The capacity of submarines during high-speed navigation can reach more than twice the current performance.
The energy of low-speed economic navigation can reach more than 1.3 times the current level;
The exposure rate was more than two-and-a-half times lower than it is now.
After the use of lithium batteries in the submarine, the battery volume has been significantly reduced, the weight has been reduced, the energy density has been increased several times, the power has been increased more than three times, and the submarine can stay underwater for more than a month.

What are the advantages of lithium battery submarines?
1. The lithium battery is smaller in size and weight, and generates at least three times more electricity than the lead-acid battery in the same volume, which helps to reduce the weight of the submarine, save space, and improve the endurance and maneuvers of the submarine.
2. Lithium battery has no memory effect, so there is no need to follow too strict battery charging and discharging requirements to extend the service life. The submarine can be charged and discharging at any time according to the mission needs and the battlefield environment, which effectively improves the operational flexibility of the submarine.
3. The living environment of the crew has been improved to a certain extent, mainly based on the following reasons: the lithium battery pack with the same volume is smaller in weight, or the lithium battery pack with the same storage capacity is smaller in size.
This makes the cabin available space become larger, which is conducive to the improvement of crew's living space and the optimal configuration of weapons and equipment.
4. Lithium batteries have an objective energy density, which makes it possible to carry many fewer batteries while meeting the same underwater requirements, which greatly improves the residential comfort of submarines.
If the same battery is carried under the circumstances of natural underwater cruise greatly enhanced, you know the submarine's underwater cruise capability is the life of the submarine.
5, lithium battery has a large storage capacity, the same volume of lithium battery capacity is five times the capacity of the traditional battery, and small weight does not take up space, the most important is that it is suitable for the latest AIP system.
Simply put, the storage of lithium batteries does not depend on the energy generated by the oxygen and the engine to charge them, even if there is no oxygen.

These are the effects of lithium battery submarines and the advantages of lithium battery submarines.
Generally speaking, the main purpose of using lithium battery is to greatly enhance the submarine's underwater endurance ability, so it greatly enhances the submarine's concealment. After all, concealment is the fundamental of the submarine.
It also has a lot of power so it's much more maneuverable underwater, so you don't have to worry about running out of power.

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