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The research team of xi 'an jiaotong university has made new progress in the field of solid-state lithium batteries

With the increasing requirement of energy density and safety performance of lithium batteries in the fields of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles, it is urgent to develop new lithium ion batteries.
Lithium metal batteries are expected to be used in the next generation of energy storage devices due to their higher energy density.
However, the traditional organic liquid electrolyte is highly volatile at high temperature and has a major safety hazard of combustion. Besides, the liquid electrolyte is prone to side reactions with lithium metal, resulting in the growth of lithium dendrites, which reduces the coulombic efficiency of the battery. Therefore, it is difficult to use with lithium metal.


According to the above problem, xi 'an jiaotong university associate professor, institute of chemical industry ming-tao li, Mr Tang, a professor at the team and the Nobel chemistry prize winner, university of Texas at Austin, John class ning, goody, professor of (John Goodenough B), joint reported a hierarchical structure of the composite gel electrolyte, realized the upgrading of traditional organic liquid electrolyte, solve the problem of matching with lithium metal.
The composite electrolyte consists of modified nano SiO2 and upgrade of gel electrolyte, modification of SiO2 particles and gel electrolyte has better affinity, upgraded semi-solid gel electrolytes avoids the volatilization, electrolyte leakage of security issues, greatly enhance the safety performance of the electrolyte, and the synergy between SiO2 gel electrolyte and make the composite gel electrolyte for lithium metal chemical stability is good, can restrain the growth of the lithium dendrite.
The cycle performance and coulomb efficiency of lithium metal solid state battery based on the composite gel electrolyte strategy are improved significantly.
This work demonstrates a new strategy to solve the interface challenge between lithium metal anode and traditional liquid electrolyte, and provides a new direction for the application of liquid electrolyte in lithium metal solid-state batteries.
The research work recently concluded that "upgrading traditional organic electrolytes to the next generation of lithium metal batteries:
Upgrading Traditional Organic Electrolytes toward Future Lithium Metal Batteries:
A Hierarchical Nano - SiO2 - Supported Gel Polymer Electrolyte) journals published under the title, the international Energy sector authority Energy Letters, journal of the American chemical society (ACS Energy, impact factor of 16.331).
The school of chemical engineering and technology of xi 'an jiaotong university was the first communication unit of this paper. The first author was Yang pu, a postgraduate of the research group, and associate professor li mingtao, professor tang wei and professor goodinave were the co-corresponding authors.
This work was supported by the national natural science foundation of China and the key research and development program of shaanxi province. The analysis and test center of xi 'an jiaotong university also provided a large amount of test characterization support.

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